Particules de conversation

Particules de conversation


This book, published with the support of the Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, recounts the exhibition “Traces d’avenir” held in Forcalquier, Viens and Saint-Etienne-les-Orgues in France.

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The topic of the marking of radioactive waste repositories has led the curator Cristine Debras and myself to review the overall functioning of this exhibition: we realized that we had to let people express themselves about this sensitive subject, especially in this region.

In order to enable such interaction we placed a modular building on the main square of the city of Forcalquier. There I discussed the nuclear waste issue with many visitors, tourists, artists, inhabitants, and even nuclear engineers. Following these encounters, I started to write “Particules de conversation” in the autumn of 2009.