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E-TRACK Open Seminar & Official Launch

The design of energy policies requires the involvement of the citizens by means of appropriate information and negotiation mechanisms that make the decision-making more participative. The transition to low carbon economies entails diverse societal issues such as environment, risks, and sustainability. In all these fields there is an increasing demand for effective communication among policy-makers, industry, citizens and researchers in order to build up a solid and well supported policies. The Energy Transparency Centre of Knowledge (E-TRACK)contributes to the fulfilment of this demand by fostering networks and making available up-to-date information.

E-TRACK 2nd Open Seminar on Radioactive Waste Management: The German Case

The Seminar will provide a unique opportunity to learn from the insight and experience of a broad diversity of actors and interested parties in the management of radioactive waste in Germany. The interventions of representatives of government, municipalities, industry, social platforms, environmental organisations and academic experts will convey a multifaceted and comprehensive outlook on past and ongoing decision-making processes and will present a diversity of views and proposals to enhance participation and transparency in the future.

E-TRACK Launch event

The official launch of E-TRACK will take place in the afternoon session, combined with the R&Dialogue event,. Together with the intervention of senior officials of the European Commission, there will be an overview of the social dimension of several energy technologies, such as carbon capture storage or wind energy.


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